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Innovation in tank cleaning technology - the HydroWhirl® Disc.

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21/03/2023 10:15:00 AM

BETE is a pioneer in novel tank cleaning technology, offering solutions for every application. Here in this short blog learn more about BETE's newest HydroWhirl® Disc.

Why is CIP nozzle innovation important? Tank cleaning nozzle innovation can increase performance, making the cleaning procedure more efficient and effective. New designs, for example, may have enhanced flow patterns, increased impact or pressure, or better spray coverage, resulting in faster and more complete cleaning. Some nozzles also include features like customizable spray patterns and variable flow rates, which can improve cleaning efficiency even more.

Innovative tank cleaning nozzles can improve cleaning effectiveness while simultaneously increasing safety and lowering water and energy consumption. For example, nozzles that use less water or can be operated remotely can assist to decrease the risk of worker harm and the amount of resources required during the cleaning process.

Introducing a new standard in clog-resistant tank cleaning solutions for in-place cleaning (CIP)

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The New HydroWhirl Disc may be completely immersed without clogging and is ideal for Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications where the assembly cannot be removed during the production process.

Superior washing effectiveness is provided by powerful fan spray inserts for eliminating tough dirt inside tanks and on equipment surfaces. The hydrostatic wear-free PTFE slide bearing is intended for long service life and robustness.

This nozzle has the highest capacity of any free-spinning design and is excellent for cleaning tanks up to 11 feet in diameter and addressing clogging concerns caused by particles in the cleaning solution.

The HydroWhirl Disc is made of FDA-approved 316L stainless steel, making it appropriate for food and beverage applications. Details, spray pattern videos, and more may be found at: 


Some key design features:

• Fluid-driven, self-flushing.
• Fully submersible, clog-resistant.
• Powerful flat spray nozzle inserts.
• Hydrostatic wear-free PTFE slide bearing for
 longer life.
• Made from FDA-compliant, 316LSS.
• Largest capacity free-spinning design.
• For cleaning medium-sized tanks.


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