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Sustainable tank cleaning heads for Wineries

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28/02/2023 10:15:00 AM

Wineries are a booming industry, with consumers looking for environmentally friendly options. Wineries have responded to this consumer-conscious buying pattern by offering wines that are sustainable and as a result, have reduced their carbon footprint and reduced costly water waste and chemical consumption.



One way they can do this is by using tank cleaning heads that use less water than traditional methods such as static spray balls, or washing vessels by hand. These environmentally friendly heads allow you to clean your tanks more efficiently. This saves time and money while also reducing the amount of costly cleaning chemicals that enter the environment during each cycle. In addition, it reduces the amount of freshwater that is also consumed during this process.

Consumers want environmentally friendly wine.

Consumers want to know how their wine is made. They want to know what’s in their wine, and they want to know if steps were taken to improve sustainability and if the winery is environmentally friendly. Consumers are also looking for environmentally friendly wines because of the amount of water and chemicals which are used during the process.


Impingement tank cleaning maximises mechanical force/impact, resulting in 85% time savings, 80% water savings, 20% productivity boost and the elimination of confined space entry.

To meet these ethical demands, wineries need tank cleaning heads such as high impingement nozzles like a HydroWhirl S or Orbitor, Gamajet, or M-Series head so that they can keep everything clean and sanitary, ensuring that their consumers can enjoy a delicious glass of wine without worrying about the quality, safety, or sustainability factors. These units clean out tanks after processing so there is no contamination from the residue left behind by chemicals that were used during fermentation or aging processes. Spray nozzle Engineering is also your local source for tank head servicing, providing repair and testing for our entire range. 


Old School meets New School

Traditional static spray balls use large volumes of fresh water and are rather ineffective due to the nature of their design. This leaves 'shaded' areas where they may not provide spotlessly clean vessels. This presents a sustainability challenge, as fresh water, especially in Australia is a premium, and regular periods of drought can impede using these old-school solutions.

Here's where the rubber metaphorically meets the road, high impingement heads differ from old-school designs by using mechanical force (rather than water volume) to get a superior clean every time, while also minimising the time needed per wash cycle.


M-Series: Efficient tank cleaning nozzle saving water and chemical usage. Click here to learn how they are a vast improvement on traditional spray ball tank cleaning designs.

With all these factors considered, simply replacing a tired spray ball can drastically reduce time spent cleaning, chemicals, and water used, resulting in a better clean every time! Upgrading to our non-clogging M-Series tank cleaning nozzle alone will provide a dramatic difference. Fast CIP cycle times are achieved via the unique Flow Step™ rotor technology that channels fluid into impact droplets at all pressure ranges. This prevents the low impact and misting of inferior cleaning systems that reduce cleaning effectiveness and increased cleaning time. Flow Step™ eliminates the need for ball bearings or motor drives. As a Total Spraying Solutions provider, Spray Nozzle Engineering can provide you with the most effective tank cleaning heads on the market.

We can render technical assistance to ensure you get the right nozzle for your tank. Let us know how we can help!

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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart