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Barrel wine racking wands

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18/03/2020 10:35:00 AM

About wine barrel racking wands

Barrel racking wands such as Rack-it-Teer, are precision stainless steel spears, with patented locating finger and ‘positive-seal’ system that allows filling, decanting and oxygen purging without wasting gas.

Delivery of clean fluid is monitored via its sight glass and light adapter. With its patented extension system, Rack-It-Teer adapts to all barrel sizes, making it extremely versatile.

Barrel racking wands use gas pressure to transfer alcoholic beverages without agitation or oxidation. Barrel equipment is ideal for cellars that wish to reach high levels of racking cleanliness.

The Rack-It-Teer racking wand facilitates smoother cellar operations

Recently, Dave Bonighton of Mountain Goat Brewery identified advantages of the Rack-It-Teer saying, “We bought a Rack-It-Teer to help us fill and disgorge various beers through our set of whisky barrels. It makes our lives so much easier and treats the beer so gently. We’d recommend it to anyone using barrels.”

Wineries worldwide have successfully racked countless barrels with the Rack-It-Teer. An international winery stated, “We feel we are definitely softer on the wine and can taste the difference immediately after racking - the wine keeps its integrity.”

The Rack-it-Teer is preferred by operators for its good ergonomics and good locking mechanism. Operators are able to easily move from barrel to barrel, establishing a good air-tight seal every time and eliminate the need for adjustments. 

With over 25 years’ of fluid control and spraying solutions to the wine and beer processing industries in Australia and New Zealand, Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies an expanded range of automatic, decanting-filling gas spears by Rack-it-Teer. In addition to barrel racking equipment, Spray Nozzle Engineering also offers repairs and services Gamajet Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines that is powerful, yet gentle on toast.


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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart