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Tank cleaning for wineries down under

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03/08/2023 10:00:00 AM

Wine Solutions from Spray Nozzle Engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering, the exclusive Gamajet partner in Australia and New Zealand, offers a full range of rotary impingement tank cleaning machines as well as being a leading Australian spraying solutions company with a long history of providing solutions to the wine-making industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Gamajet has been manufacturing automated tank cleaning machinery and equipment that clean and remove residue from the interior of tanks and vessels using high-force impingement cleaning for over 50 years.

Their rotary impingement cleaning technology has become the cleaning method of choice for many of the world's largest vineyards, including those here in Australia. Gamajet tank cleaning technology is capable of fully cleaning the interior of tanks of nearly any size or kind.

A vineyard in Griffith, NSW, approached Spray Nozzle Engineering for assistance with lightweight tank cleaning equipment to clean its 7-8 metre diameter wine tanks from the top of the wine tank. This reduced potential damage to personnel hauling and trekking up tight passageways. The winery's existing tank cleaning machinery weighed around 13 kilograms and was carried from tank to tank, up and down stairwells by its cleaning team.

SNE was eager to find a suitable solution for the customer and began testing the strong,GJ8-Gamajet lightweight Gamajet GJ-8 machine, which weighed 6.5 kilograms (half the weight of the previous tank cleaning head) and was appropriate for top-mount tank cleaning. At the winery, where the customer wanted to clean a 300-litre tank, the dual-nozzle, high-impact rotary impingement tank cleaning system was experimented with various nozzle diameters to measure impact for maximum advantage.

The GJ-8 was dropped centrally into the tank's top, connecting to the SS lance inlet stem, about 2 metres below the tank ceiling for cleaning tartrates and reaching problematic spots in the wine tank, the GJ-8 functioned best when equipped with twin 7/16" nozzles at a flow rate of 300lpm @ at 700 kPa creating 17.5 lbs/sq ft. of force. The cleaning medium was cold water mixed with ordinary caustic-diluted chemicals.

For wine tanks larger than 8 metres in diameter, the GJ-4 machine takes over and effectively cleans wine tanks up to 20 metres in diameter.

Finally, Spray Nozzle Engineering's collaboration with Gamajet has resulted in practical and efficient tank-cleaning solutions for the Australian and New Zealand wine industries. Our lightweight and strong GJ-8 tank cleaning head was the ideal answer for the winery in Griffith. It lowered the danger of damage to cleaning personnel while successfully cleaning a 300kl tank.

SNE has proven its commitment to providing the most efficient solution for its clients by offering the GJ-4 for the largest tanks. If you work in the wine business and are looking for effective cleaning solutions, contact us for experienced assistance and innovative products.

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