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Tank cleaning nozzles for breweries

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17/03/2020 10:18:00 AM

When buying tank cleaning equipment for the brewing Industry, it is essential to choose tank cleaners that lower water and chemical consumption while maintaining optimum productivity.

Australian and New Zealand brewers look for machines that are fluid driven, and that deliver optimum cleaning in one cycle, so they can lower cleaning time and costs. Effective brewery tank cleaning solutions could save up to 80% of water and chemical consumption.

One of the most popular cleaning machines in beverage production, breweries and wineries, are Gamajet tank cleaner nozzles. They are designed to help industrial plants meet stringent sanitary and quality standards. 

The Gamajet tank cleaning machines provide a thorough clean at low to medium pressures and volumes while fitting in small openings, making it suitable for cleaning tote tanks and smaller tanks. 

The most popular tank cleaning machines for breweries are:

Gamajet PowerFlex

  • Powerful, sanitary tank cleaning for a variety of pressures and flows
  • Pressure: 1.4 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 94.6 to 492 l/min
  • Powerful clean up to 11.5kg of cleaning force at 7.5 m

Gamajet A8

  • The Lightest, Most Powerful, Large Tank Cleaning Machine
  • Pressure: 1.4 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 94.6 to 492 l/min
  • Superior clean power up to 18 kg of cleaning force at 7.5 m

Gamajet 9

  • Cost Effective Impingement Tank and Tote Cleaning
  • Pressure: 3 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 15.14 to 113.56  l/min
  • Cleans up to a 3 m radius

Gamajet 4

  • Most powerful & durable design
  • Pressure: Standard model (1.4 to 34.0 bar) & high pressure model (47.6 bar)
  • Flow rate: 114 to 1211 l/min
  • Cleans up to a 30.48 m radius

Gamajet Tank Cleaners

Brewers use clean-in-place (CIP) techniques to cut down the workload and make regular cleaning efficient and effective. Choosing the right tank cleaning machine will dramatically contribute to the production of better beer.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies a large range of quality tank cleaning nozzles and CIP solutions for the beverage, brewery and winery industries.

Learn how much time and water you can save with Gamajet tank cleaning nozzles

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