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How to install an air blow gun

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25/07/2019 1:48:57 PM

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To ensure quality, efficiency and to minimise the risk of injuries, it is important to install the air blow gun correctly. If the installation proceeds wrong, the operator may feel that the air blow gun is defective or that it does not live up to the expectations. To get the best results possible, it is therefore important to think of the following three things when installing the air blow gun:  

1. Minimise the risk of leakage

To minimise the risk of leakage, you should use thread seal tape when assembling the coupling. Otherwise the connection may not get tightly sealed to the coupling, which may lead to costly leakage. It is also important to get a prestressing on the thread and therefore it is important to use tools when threading the connection. 

2. Ensure efficiency

To reach the best efficiency possible it is important to ensure that there is no pressure drop in the system. It is also important that the work pressure at the point-of-use is correct and that both the hose and coupling in the supply conduit have the right dimension. If these are under dimensioned the air blow gun can’t blow with the promised force. The inner dimension of the hoses and couplings should be the same size or have a bigger dimension than the air blow guns connection, which usually is ¼” or six millimetres. 

3. Minimise the risk of injuries

To improve the ergonomics and minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries it is preferable to connect the air blow gun directly in to the hose and place the quick coupling in the other end. The hose should be equipped with a swivel in connection with the air blow gun. This minimises the weight for the operator and makes the air blow gun more easily manageable. 

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