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Dangers with ball valves - use air blow guns with high blowing force

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17/09/2019 11:28:00 AM

A version of this article was first published on silvent.com

Many production facilities, such as, foundries, steel mills, paper mills and saw mills, use blowing pipes with ball valves when cleaning machines and large work areas. This common practice may seem convenient and cheap, but it is often dangerous and expensive in the long-run.

Over time, with the demand for more blowing force, operators increase the air supply pressure and install bigger pipes. Due to the increased pressure and over-dimensioned pipes, much more compressed air is used than necessary. It’s dangerous and very costly.

Install high force air blow guns to eliminate the dangers, and expense, of blowing with ball valves and pipes.

5 advantages to replacing a 12 mm (1/2”) open pipe with an air blow gun with high blowing force:

  • 7 times higher blowing force than a regular air gun.
  • Lowers the sound level with 78%, compared to a 12 mm (1/2”) open pipe.
  • Dead-mans-grip increases the safety for the operator.
  • Concentrated blowing force.
  • Light weight.

Risks with blowing with ball valves and blowing pipes


The most serious risk of blowing with a ball valve and pipe is the operator’s inability to turn off the air supply in the event of an accident. If an operator drops the pipe, the air pressure in the pipe will cause it to uncontrollably whip around. Damaged machinery and operator injury is likely to occur. Most serious injuries can happen to the face, head and hands.

When blowing pipes are used without ball valves, the opportunity for injury is even greater. With the air shut-off out of reach of the operator, it’s common for the operator to bend, or kink, the air supply hose. Bending or kinking the air supply hose to function as a temporary shut-off is extremely difficult to control and often results in accidents.

Air blowing guns with high blowing force improves the safety


To address the safety risks associated with pipe and ball valve blowing, air blowing guns with high blowing force have been developed. Delivering up to 20 times more blowing force than a standard air gun, these air blowing tools are also equipped with a dead-mans grip. The dead-mans-grip is a safety feature that immediately shuts off the air supply if the tool is dropped, thereby eliminating injury. The air blow gun is also equipped with an efficient air nozzle. The air nozzle creates a long, pointed stream of air that optimises the use of compressed air. As a result, high force air blowing guns are safer, quieter, more efficient, and more ergonomic than homemade pipe and ball valve solutions.

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