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Safety when cleaning metal working liquids

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08/02/2021 2:33:44 PM

Metal working fluids are a range of liquids and oils which see common use in various industrial applications like machining and cutting processes, to lubricate, cool & transport particulates. Exposure to these metal working fluids, or MWF’s as commonly referred to by industry can be dangerous to operators if they come into contact with skin, or when inhaled, which can lead to serious health problems.

Typically, compressed air nozzles or safety air guns are installed to disperse the MWF’s during processing, this can present an issue when using an air gun to blow away the MWF’s, as a small amount of particulate can splash back onto the operator, this is hazardous to the operator as the particulate may end up in any cuts, on skin, or inhaled.

To help rectify this issue an air gun supplied with a safety shield to protect the operator from splashback, or extension pipe to distance the operator from the application, as well as using a safety air gun which operates at a lower pressure, as too this can reduce the amount of splashback on to the operator. Whether alone or in combination the above can be utilised to minimise the risk presented by the MWF’s during industrial processes.

Ultimately, by using a safety air gun that combines the above concepts, such as a Silvent Pro-One which has a unique nozzle design to work at lower pressures, in tandem with an extension or safety shield, allows operators to both effectively and efficiently reduce their exposure to MWF’s all whilst reducing air consumption & noise in the workplace, saving money and improving operator health.





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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart