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Why use an air nozzle when blowing with compressed air? – 5 Reasons

Home / Why use an air nozzle when blowing with compressed air? – 5 Reasons
23/07/2019 4:45:44 PM

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Air nozzles are not a must if you blow with compressed air. But if you want to improve the working environment and save energy, installing nozzles can be an easy and efficient solution. Air nozzles help you lower the sound level, decrease the usage of compressed air and prevent occupational injuries.

How does it look back home, at your place?

In the shower we usually use a showerhead that divides the water and makes sure the water sprinkles all over your body. A showerhead is a must for a lot of us. The showerhead helps you save energy and makes sure you use the water in an efficient way, in difference to a shower without a showerhead. An air nozzle for compressed air has the same purpose, to control the compressed air and to make sure you use it in an efficient way depending on your needs. 

Minimise the risk of turbulence

Blowing with compressed air is usually associated with high sound levels, but it does not have to be like that. The reason for the high sound levels is that the air has the possibility to move freely, which causes turbulence. This problem usually occur when you use an open pipe or an air blow gun without a nozzle, since it is harder to control the compressed air when it is blown through one big hole. If you use an air nozzle instead, it is much easier to control the air and prevent turbulence. If you can minimise the turbulence you can lower the sound level and create a much straighter and more powerful air stream. This often also contribute to less amounts of used compressed air, since the air is efficiently used, which also lowers the costs. Click here if you want to calculate your cost of compressed air.


An air nozzle helps you 

  • use the compressed air efficiently 
  • reduce the turbulence 
  • use the surrounding air 
  • halving the sound level 
  • reduce the risk of occupational accidents 

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