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Uni-Spray Clamp On Spray Nozzle System

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03/11/2022 8:44:38 AM

Having trouble with installing nozzle solutions onto tube and pipe? Consider clamping systems which can offer a variety of solutions where installation may be difficult. Pipes that are oversized or need a quick fix may benefit from a Uni-Spray clamping system.


Uni-Sprays offer a unique modular ball-in-socket and direct threaded clamp-on nozzle system, which makes both installation and final adjustment easy, fast and cost-effective. The extensive line of nozzle assemblies offers different versions and material types, including the highly successful line of quick-change tips.

Great selection and design allow these clamp-on nozzle systems to meet all spray requirements, whether low or high pressure and flow or in harsh and potentially corrosive environments. Simply drill a hole in the pipe, clamp on using the sprung stainless wire clip system and you're away! See also the quick fit system, allowing the nozzle tip to change and correct replacement orientation without needing to change the entire assembly - NO TOOLS required.


Perfect for DIY piping systems, easy additions or alterations on site without all the fabrication time and cost. Uni-spray nozzles are available in a full cone, hollow cone and flat fan, and threaded ball sockets that can take metal nozzle types as well, allowing for greater flexibility in nozzle and selection, and for your application requirements. 

Uni-Spray also designs and builds a full array of pre-made and custom headers to meet your needs. Whether the diameter of your header is 1½” or 8″, whether you require saddles, quick disconnects on the ends or multiple outlets, our design is user-friendly and maintainable. Uni-Spray’s custom header and riser systems are available in PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, and PVDF.

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Stuart Morgan

Written by Stuart Morgan