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Sanitising equipment to fight the COVID-19 at your workplace

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28/04/2020 9:20:00 AM

Worldwide disease control organisations have promoted guidelines to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace and community facilities. It is recommended that frequently-touched surfaces be sanitised on a daily basis.

The good news is that the novel coronavirus is very sensitive to most of the common cleaning products and sanitising agents. The coronavirus may live on surfaces for hours and days so cleaning needs to be geared to specific surfaces or regular sanitising.

There is equipment that can assist the process of sanitising against viruses COVID-19. Many international airlines, schools and health care providers now use foggers to spray a mist of disinfectant on surfaces. 

Sanitising foggers are a common tool to fight viruses. Foggers emit a very fine 'dry' mist that reaches many surfaces without re-contaminating, which can be the case for manual cleaning equipment like sponges and mops. They provide a superior sanitisation of any workplace, factory room and industrial machine in less time than manual cleaning. 

Things to consider when buying a fogging disinfection machine:

  • The area needed to cover
  • Do I need portable, fixed or handheld delivery
  • Units that are easily portable
  • Foggers with a metal nozzle, instead of plastic that could cause inconsistent droplet size

Spray Nozzle Engineering is a leading supplier of Lafferty sanitising fogging equipment. Lafferty fogger machines can disinfect hard-to-reach areas where viruses may remain for days. The equipment can save you labour hours while covering more surface at a lower cost. The hose reels for mobile application can also assist in a complete package industry.

We offer the best quality fogging disinfection machines. Contact us and our team of experts will assist you choosing the right equipment to help you disinfect and sanitise all kinds of spaces.

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