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Fogging spray applicators and sanitising systems

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05/05/2020 9:34:00 AM

Fogging spray applicators and sanitising equipment, portable fixed entryway, small or large areas from your total spraying solutions co. Spray Nozzle Engineering.

To meet the growing need within many food, beverage, health and sundry industries for sanitising both small and larger areas within their respective facilities, with both fixed and portable fogging sanitiser systems for ease of use, Spray Nozzle Engineering has released their expanded range of fogging equipment for all applications and requirements pertaining to any and every industry where required. 

Powered simply by compressed air or direct fluid pressure, our foggers atomise pre-diluted chemical or ready to use chemical supplied by you, using only compressed air or direct fluid pressure.

Depending on the fogger model used, a wet, damp or dry fog can be easily and consistently produced, and is able to be projected various distances depending on the model and air supply. The fog can be easily "fine tuned" with optional metering tips and by adjusting the air pressure and/or by regulating the sanitising solution; thus producing either a dry, light or damp fog particle to match your application and site requirements. 

Fogger models are available in various configurations from hand held, portable cart foggers, entryway and fixed, as well as a variation of the two, allowing units to either be used in hard to get at places, permanently mounted or moved as required. Chemical resistant polypropylene, Teflon, polymer and stainless steel construction across the range, ensures durability and years of outstanding performance

Available now, Spray Nozzle Engineering can also assist in wash down cleaning solutions and stainless hose reel station packages complimenting our expanded and quality range of foamers, sanitisers and fogging systems. 

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Stuart Morgan

Written by Stuart Morgan