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Controlling viruses and bacteria with sanitising equipment

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07/05/2020 9:30:00 AM

Viral or bacterial contamination is an ongoing problem during food production processes. Salmonella, listeria, e.coli and other pathogens and spoilage bacteria are ever-present dangers to cause serious contamination during food production processes.

To help gain control of these contamination threats, it's important to consider using chemical application equipment that ensures a complete clean along with reliable performance and cost savings.

Making the right disinfectant equipment purchase

Good quality sanitisers provide the dilution ratios required for no rinse applications in food plants. The sanitisers need to have a long spraying distance, enhanced flow, wide spray pattern and the ability to work with a range of water pressures (from 2.5 Bar to 9 Bar) while saving water, time and therefore money. But there are many other factors to consider when choosing the right sanitising equipment.

Sanitiser equipment features to look for:

  • Chemically resistant equipment that is constructed of machined polypropylene (injector body) and stainless steel (ball valves). This helps prevent costly downtime via maintenance or replacement parts.
  • A non-electric sanitiser that involves no moving parts and requires no pre-mixing of chemicals which leads to faster application of the cleaning chemical and a saving in reduced labour costs.
  • Colour-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios to ensure accurate dilution rates and control of chemical use; you only use what you actually need.
  • It may be good to consider a “2-way” system, allowing for alternation between two different chemicals or two different ratios of the same chemical.

Considering the large product range available on the market, selecting the most suitable foamer or sanitiser for your workplace or plant isn't that straight forward. Therefore, going for leaders in the foaming and sanitising market is a no-brainer.

Lafferty is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning chemical mixing and delivery equipment. They have both fixed and portable systems for not only foaming a workplace, but also sanitising and rinsing. The beauty of the Lafferty system is both simplicity and rugged build quality, using poly prop mixing bodies means better chemical resistance and less maintenance, and with the added ability to meter chemical use, you can clean with less water and less chemical on many applications.

Spray Nozzle Engineering is a proud distributor of Lafferty foaming and fogging equipment. The company has high volume foamers for large areas, and entryway sanitisers for high traffic area protection like roller doors. Wall-mount models are available with heavy-duty stainless steel enclosures and portable models feature all stainless steel carts that hold a 19 litre chemical container.

Consider Lafferty Equipment by Spray Nozzle Engineering when upgrading your facility. Contact our sanitising experts for further advice.


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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart