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Humidification, cooling & evaporation.

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05/05/2021 11:00:00 AM

Many Humidification, cooling & evaporation or steam applications require small droplets to achieve maximum effectiveness, this is typically achieved a few ways, either via hydraulic pressure nozzles or air atomising nozzles.

When employing hydraulic pressure nozzles such as Micro Whirls, the droplet is sheared by the fluid exiting a miniscule orifice. When employing a nozzle such as the P or PJ series the droplet is sheared both via extrusion from a small orifice, as well further shearing on an impingement surface creating a homogenous mist or fog.

In the case of air atomising nozzles, such as our XA range, fluid and air combine internally or externally, inside or outside the air cap creating a very fine mist or fog.

Misting or fogging nozzles produce small droplets which are capable of evaporating rapidly, increasing the humidity in the air, these droplets can also diminish the temperature of the air and depending on the relative amount of water can change the humidity

Some applications may include –

  • Humidifying storage spaces.
  • Introducing moisture to ovens.
  • Air inlet cooling / evaporative cooling.
  • Steam production where a controlled amount of fluid is introduced to control temperature.
  • Greenhouses or mushroom farms.


Micro Whirl Nozle

Micro Whirl nozzles are highly effective for applications requiring efficient atomisation, with some of the lowest flow rates of any direct pressure nozzle, and mechanistically simple design.



PJ Nozzle

PJ nozzles dispense some of the finest and most homogenous droplets of the low flow hydraulic pressure nozzles and have been used to great effect in many applications.




XA nozzle assembly

XA nozzles provide the largest range of patterns, flow rates, and customisable configurations, ranging from simple operations using only air pressure to draw in the fluid. To complex systems involving compressed air cycling an internal cylinder to provide precise amounts of fluid in fast increments, these nozzles can provide the smallest droplets, throwing distances and coverage over direct pressure nozzles.


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