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Gas Scrubbing For Pollution Control

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18/10/2021 7:37:35 AM

Spray Nozzle Engineering Australia recently consulted on a project requiring nozzles for cooling waste gasses in a deluge system for one of the countries major pollution control system manufacturers. The system requirement for this application called for 6 Inch Poly Composite spray nozzles. A particular requirement not often scoped for application due to the size requirement and specialist nature of the nozzle. As Spray Nozzle Engineering is the sole distributor for BETE Performance Spray Engineering nozzles, the team in the Melbourne office were able to provide expert advice, source the required nozzles from stock, and dispatch accordingly with minimal lead time. 

BETE is a leading supplier of Gas Conditioning & Pollution Control Nozzles, as well as custom Spray Lance Systems. With low clog designs such as spiral nozzles that BETE invented and continue to lead the market in production and on-going enhancements.

Spray Nozzle Engineering distribute a range of BETE manufactured gas scrubbing and pollution control nozzles for applications ranging from: 

  • Dry Scrubbing
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) absorber nozzles
  • Odour Control
  • Packed Bed Distribution nozzles
  • NOx Removal (SCR/SNCR)
  • Venturi Scrubbing nozzles
  • Wash Water Injection nozzles

As well as providing expert engineering led consultation for project work, Spray Nozzle Engineering also provide advice for and manufacture custom spray lance solutions for gas scrubbing and other application nozzle requirements including: injection quills, also known as spray quench, spray bars or injection lances; custom made spray bars based on the type of fluid and its velocity. During the design process the team consider factors such as the gas pressure, inlet temperature, target temperature, inlet humidity and gas flow.

Working in conjunction with a team of engineers that design solutions based on water conditions, pressure, temperature and cleanliness. The lances are used in gas scrubbing, refineries, chemical plants, among a long list of industries. Spray Nozzle Engineering works to your requirements, from the most simple to the most complex.




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