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Choosing vehicle fire suppression nozzles

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29/01/2020 9:01:00 AM

Choosing the right type of nozzle to be used for fire suppression depends on a number of factors. Considerations include the flow rate, the kind of fire and proximity, type of fluid either if its foam, vapour or water, the environment that it’s in as it may bring particles that could block the nozzle; and whether the firefighter at the nozzle or the pump operator has control of the flow or if it’s predetermined.

Optimal vehicle fire nozzles should provide consistent spray distribution and fire suppression performance. They need to be resistant to high heat and dust prone environments, as well as, to produce a uniform distribution of small to medium sized droplets, in both standard and wide angle, full cone spray patterns. 

For an optimal foam fire protection in mining, farming, forestry and other applications where nozzle orifices require protection, fire nozzles should not contain rubber or silicone seals, thus avoiding degradation and adhesion problems that can occur with these components. 

Ideal design features of fire protection industrial nozzles should include:

  • Uniform distribution of droplets in full cone pattern
  • Droplet size larger than in hollow cone nozzles of equal capacity
  • Small to medium droplet size
  • Male & female connections
  • One piece body with removable core
  • Various core options available

These nozzles should be available in many spray angles and flow rates and a wide selection of materials, thread sizes and industry approvals, including Factory certifications. 

Full Cone Nozzles are ideal for fire protection for vehicles and hazard situations

Spray Nozzle Engineering has been a long time supplier of specialty vehicle fire protection industrial nozzles to every major fire protection company in the Australian and New Zealand market. 

The company offers the BM series nozzles that are designed in accordance with the above mentioned.

The BM nozzle series are an industry standard on foam application sprays for the protection of vehicle engine bays in many industries and they are available in many spray angles, flow rates, and thread sizes for male and female connection not to mention BSP & NPT standards. 

They are available in brass, stainless steel or combined material construction, the BM range is fully customisable for any application requirement.

Spray Nozzle Engineering can assist your business by recommending the right fire protection industrial nozzle for your application.

Are you unsure of what nozzle or solution to use  for a certain type of application? Our expert engineers can help you choose

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