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How to choose the right agricultural spray nozzle tips for spraying

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01/08/2019 10:04:47 AM

Choosing the right tip for your sprayer can be quite a difficult process, with a multitude of options to choose from, and with varying degrees of coverage, drift reduction, spray angle, air induction etc. Choosing the right tip comes down to the chemical being applied, from herbicides to fungicides, with each application requiring a different degree of coverage and drift, as of late there are now new requirements for 2,4-D requiring droplets no smaller than Very Coarse as advised by the APVMA.

For this herbicidal application, depending on your sprayer speed, and pressure, there are multiple tips that could potentially be used, for example:

Regarding a target application rate of 80 L/Ha, at a sprayer speed of 20 Km/Hr, with a blended pulse system (commonly known as a Pulse Width Modulation or PWM system), with 50cm nozzle spacing's, and 110° spray angle, with a target droplet size of 450 VMD we'd have a few options in the Wilger range of tip's ranging from MR tips to DR tips.

To further refine this we'd have to look at which tip is producing the VMD desired, at the bar pressure and duty cycle that you are regularly operating at, and then selecting the tip that meets your requirements of Pressure, Speed, Duty Cycle & VMD.

When broadacre spraying, often overlooked are the agricultural spray nozzle tips themselves, which are most assuredly a critical, if not the critical component for any spraying application, as without nozzles there is no consistent pattern or droplet size, and hence the target weeds can be completely missed or vast amounts of chemicals wasted and local spray drift damage minimised. 

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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart