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08/09/2022 2:27:16 PM

Conveyor Dust Suppression Season Is Nearly Upon Us

Otherwise known as summer, the coming months bring on a more urgent need for sites operating conveyors and belts to implement dust suppression systems for their various applications. First and foremost, it needs to be determined which form of dust control is required.

'Preventative' or 'Symptomatic'

In short: Preventative dust control attempts to stop dust becoming a problem before it is airborne. For example, a spray is applied to a surface or droplets into an enclosed room/area, that is liable to generate dust, in applications such as those frequently used where material is dumped, transferred/conveyed and wetting it. This moisture then prevents dust from forming due to the material absorbing the moisture from the spray, and consequently being unable to dislodge itself from the surface preventing this airborne hazard.

Symptomatic dust control however attempts to remove dust once it is already airborne. E.g. by spraying a finely atomised mist so that the droplets of the spray will interact with the dust particles and remove them from the air and drop down to the ground. Typically the symptomatic approach requires a careful selection of nozzles, that meet the particle sizes the of dust that requires suppression. Spray Nozzle Engineering has both low clog & low wind/drift nozzle technology for outdoor and enclosed applications.

Both preventative and symptomatic control require careful deliberation based on an exact formula using 'water pressure + conveyor output + size of stockpile / conveyor etc. = nozzle size and # required'.

Our team has calculated requirements and advised many sites throughout Australia on how to control dust issues specific to their conveyors. We happen to partner with and supply some of the best spray nozzles worldwide for dust control on the market. Our partners, BETE put together a short video showing how one such fabrication was implemented and the comparison 'with' and 'without' dust control. Spray Nozzle Engineering can help advise on the best low clog nozzle type, as well as the best nozzle mounting solutions for either fixed or temporary dust control & washing applications.

Check see the below video - 


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Written by Waynard

Waynard Yuzon is Manager, Engineered Solutions & Divisional Sales Manager at Spray Nozzle Engineering and Reel Tech. Based in our Melbourne Office, Waynard has a strong engineering background and has been at the forefront of a range of custom projects spanning multiple industries.